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3D Electron Microscopy Benchmark
Four micrographs originally part of the Challenge Data Set have been taken apart in the form of a 'Test Data Set'. Challengers are expected to use this Test Data Set to learn how to interact with the Web application, as well as to check on formats and standards for downloading the images and for reporting the Challenge results. For this specific images, and as a guideline, the defocus and astigmatism estimations provided by the experimental laboratory producing these micrographs are also been provided.

File content

    - Experimental: micrograph obtained experimentally
- set_001_test_mic_003.mrc
- Simulated: simulated micrographs with extreme astigmatism
- set_001_test_mic_000.mrc
- set_001_test_mic_001.mrc
- set_001_test_mic_002.mrc
- testSolution.emx: experimental estimation
- microscopeDetails.emx: metadata with the microscope parameters
- template.emx: Template upload file for reporting defocus and astigmatism estimation.
- readme.emx: file containing this text

CTF detection

The CTF estimation challenge is a initiative of the Madrid Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) in collaboration with the National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI) at Houston. By participating in this challenge, researchers will have the opportunity to test their ability estimating some of the key parameters of the Electron Microscope Contrast Transfer Function on a large micrograph data set produced by well-known laboratories on a wide set of experimental conditions.

Key Dates

Opening date: 8 March 2013

Closing date: 31st August 2013

Here you can find more information about key dates and how to participate


More Information

CTF Challenge Dataset: Nine experimental datasets acquired in different laboratories with different microscopes, detector devices and preparation techniques plus a set of computer generated micrographs
The data has been provided by the following researchers:
Sample (weight) Microscope, Detector, grid, voltage Provider Data Set Name
GroEL (800kDa) FEI Tecnai F20, TVIPS F415 CCD camara, minimal Carbon, 200 kV A.Cheng 001
GroEL (800kDa) FEI Tecnai F20, DE-12 DDD (lineal mode), minimal Carbon, 200 kV A.Cheng 002
60S Ribosome (1.6 MDa) Tecnai Polara, Gatan K2 CMOS DDD (counting mode), Carbon, 300 kV J. Frank/ B.Grassucci 003
60S Ribosome (1.6 MDa) Tecnai Polara, Gatan K2 CMOS DDD (counting mode), no Carbon, 300 kV J. Frank/ B.Grassucci 004
Apoferritin (500 kDa) Polara G2, Film, no Carbon, 200 kV R. Henderson/ S. Chen 005
Apoferritin (500 kDa) JEM3200FSC, DE-12 DDD, no Carbon, 300kV W.Chiu/J.Jakana 006
TMV virus CM200 FEG, TVIPS F416 CMOS camera, holey carbon, 200kV H. Stahlberg / M. Chami 007
TMV virus Polara, TVIPS F416 CMOS camera, holey carbon, 300kV H. Stahlberg / K. Goldie 008
Simulated Data NA/NA/NA/300kV J.Frank/ H. Liao 009

More Information
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