Instruct Platforms

I2PC provides support for the image processing of electron and X-ray microscopy images being acquired as part of Instruct Projects. There are two modalities of support:

Image Processing ePlatform

We provide remote access to our computational environment. At this moment this access will be focused on single particles mainly through the XMIPP package, while during 2014 a general web-accessible workflow platform will start being provided, combining different processing suites.

More information and access to this ePlatform

Personalized support for Image Processing project

This platform will provide personalized support to Instruct projects requiring specialized processing of either electron or X-ray microscopy images. It will also help developers in integrating their methods into generally accessible analysis workflows.

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) in Madrid will assign personnel to this analysis, as well as the required computational resources.

More information and access to support